Kent Park Primary looks after our planet

Kent Park Primary students have been busy on an environmental learning journey to discover ways of looking after our planet! They have been learning about the advantages of growing their own food, and are enjoying growing many types of fruit and vegetables.

Students have learnt what plants need to grow and have investigated the process of photosynthesis. Understanding that success in the garden starts with good soil, Parkers have established a school composting system. Each day children save their food scraps for composting.

Kent Park Primary have six special garden helpers of the feathered kind. Chooks! The children look after the chickens, ensuring they have enough food and water, and maintaining good hygiene in the hen house. In return the chickens lay fresh eggs, consume food scraps and provide fertiliser the plants love!

The children have learnt where rubbish ends up and simple ways of reducing the amount to landfill. Students discovered that most of what is thrown away can be reused, repurposed or recycled. They’ve studied the concept of supply and demand, and have concluded we ‘vote with our dollar.’ They have researched alternatives to single-use plastics, and KPPS save soft plastics to be recycled through Redcycle.

Some next steps for KPPS are to build a worm farm, and to plant more natives which create a habitat for birds and a food source for bees. Head to the school website for regular updates!

Kara Atherton

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