Baking with the Girl Guides – S’mores Cups






It’s no secret that Aussies have turned to baking as the number one time-filler since isolation regulations started to sink in.

Just when you thought you were exhausting all your recipe options (you can only eat so much banana bread), Girl Guides Victoria have come to the rescue, revealing one of their notorious biscuit recipes – the S’mores Cups!

Unable to partake in their usual door-to-door and online biscuit sales this year, the Guides in Victoria have gallantly shared the recipe so that all Aussies can still have the same Girl Guides experience at home.

In true Girl Guides style the recipe also includes instructions on how to prepare these in a camping style cardboard box oven, which we thought was a fun one to keep the kids entertained in the backyard on the weekend!

Download the recipe and instructions here! Happy Baking!

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