April 2022 Editorial


When is a tabloid newspaper not a tabloid newspaper?
When it is published only six times a year.

The format shouts: here is the news of the day. But there are already daily papers, a local weekly and most of us have access to world news online all the time. So what does this 28 page ‘sheep in wolf’s clothing’ really offer?

You could say it’s a performance of the people in the place, parochial perhaps, but better seen as a microcosm that enlightens and gives depth to the thinking of readers trying to survive the impact of world events.

So take your time to browse through an April issue that includes:

  • The legend S K Warne – with thanks to Steve Flemming
  • The history – Eighty years ago, invasion threatens Australia by Ray Peace
  • The leaders – Messages from the politicians, and the women, throughout
  • The work – Clean ups, food for all, and shoes made to last (page 25)
  • The play – Fun at Knox Festival, Little Athletics and Mae’s Music School
  • The love – Of all who care and their connections
  • The wisdom – Don’t miss Pat and Peter, Martin and the Mayor

What more could you want? Where else will you learn that Tawny Frogmouths have a propensity to enjoy Gladiator-style block buster movies? (Here’s the proof!)

Once again please support our advertisers and thanks to all those who sent contributions. Thanks also to the volunteers who deliver the paper and our auspicing body Mountain District Learning Centre. Until next time – stay connected.

Anne Boyd

Editor Anne Boyd. Photo: Julian Meehan, Voices Over 55 exhibition 2019.