August 2020 Editorial

Community Bank to the rescue

First of all, our thanks go to the Ferntree Gully Community Bank for very welcome funding support to keep us publishing. Thanks also to the Board of our auspicing body Mountain District Learning Centre for encouraging us to continue in this difficult time.

Thanks as well to all the local small businesses who have continued to advertise with us. We ask readers to support their businesses. Then there are also the Gully News office team, the writers and around 50 volunteers who continue to deliver the paper on their
exercise walks.

We consider that local news has never been more important and we invited contributions on the theme, ‘What have we learned from the pandemic?’

We did not expect to be plunged back into lockdown by the time the paper came out. Even so, we hope the emphasis on positive learnings presented here will be supportive at this time.

Highlighting the local is not to ignore the global and it may be helpful to remember that 15 August marks the 75th anniversary of the ending of that earlier world catastrophe, the Second World War.

My grandmother (herself born in the 1890s) took my brother and me to see the Victory Parade in Swanston Street. Since then seven decades of world watching and delving into history have given us some understanding of the poet Goethe’s comment: that ‘he who cannot draw on three thousand years of history is living from hand to mouth.’ Striving
to see things in perspective can give us hope in the global resilience of human beings. Compassionate action locally builds strength.

Keep connecting – stay safe.

Anne Boyd

Editor Anne Boyd. Photo: Julian Meehan, Voices Over 55 Exhibition 2019.