April 2018 Editorial

‘The local mirrors the global,’ and with this autumn issue we return to a familiar theme in Ferntree Gully News: preserving diversity of species on the fringes of the Dandenongs.

Knox Council recently produced a report setting out policy to maintain a balanced environment for animals, people, waterways, trees and plants (page 15). We may not be able to do much about the decline of the Great Barrier Reef or the loss of forests around the world, but we can do little things here,and these little things will grow. For instance, we can join Gardens for Wildlife, the Knox Environment Society or the various groups who work to bring new life to local waterways.

At the least, such actions are a source of hope – as is another story of growth from small beginnings.

The annual Knox Festival this year attracted 25,000 people from across the region. In a small shaded tent our photographer found a special lady, Luzia Blochlinger, quietly knitting (page 24). Luzia is one of the group of ‘Mountain Treasures’, who, with local craft enthusiasts, held their first Craft Fair on this site in 1974. That same group evolved into the Mountain District Women’s Co-operative (now Mountain District Learning Centre) whose reach, like the Knox Festival, is across the whole district.

We also welcome, in this issue, two new contributors. Capt Sean Ettard (page 21) is from the FTG Salvation Army and Hilton Jordon is senior pastor at the Rowville & Ferntree Gully (RAFT) Anglican church (page 20).

And may I say a special thank you to our photographer Barbara Oehring for a wonderful
collection of photos in this issue.

Anne Boyd, Editor