October 2019 Editorial


‘A little cut of localness in your letterbox’ is how one reader describes his enjoyment of Ferntree Gully News. So, in spite of dramatic world events swirling around us, we stick to our niche of localness for this October issue.

Even so one cannot help seeing how the local and the global interact.

Around the world children are protesting in the streets and at the United Nations, warning
of climate change catastrophe; at the same time schools in the Gully are sending us stories
of children working for sustainability and contributing to schoolwide policies on recycling. Are we nearing a tipping point in recognising a new way to live?

Teresa Cannon writes about ‘connecting with food’ and the great work done by Community Casseroles and Foothills Community Care. While farmers and fieries in Queensland struggle with drought and bushfires, food banks, community gardens, farmers’ markets and waste recycling are plat du jour around here. However if real change
is to take place further connections must be made.

The few of us who regularly attend Knox Council meetings can see how community aspiration walks in step (or doesn’t) with the action and advocacy of officials and elected councillors. Theirs is the responsibility for local policy making that must interact with state, federal and international levels of government. The process can seem frustratingly slow but unless the passionate and practical initiatives of community groups find expression in law and policy, neither healthy democracy nor saving the planet will ensue.

At the September meeting Knox Councillors approved plans for their meetings to stream live online from early next year. This should be a spur to local action and collaboration in a time of climate crisis.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this issue. Keep sending the stories and supporting our advertisers.

Anne Boyd, Editor