October 2021 Editorial

The day the earth moved

I was sitting at my computer moving news items around when that shushing sound that comes with an earth tremor swished through the room. The sheet music on the piano fluttered. Glass-covered paintings flashed the reflected light as the walls shook.

My timber cottage on concrete stumps on the side of a hill rocked with the reverberations that spread down the eastern ranges of a whole continent.

I went outside. I thought, this is all we need. We know the danger
of forest fires, of flooded creeks, of high winds. And above all, of pandemic. All life is precious. All life is precarious. Now the earth itself shivers. Nothing is stable.

Still, around here life goes on and we thank all those who have sent stories about coping in Covid
and about keeping up connections. Thanks also to our advertisers. Please support them.

We hope this edition’s theme of trail, of venturing along an unknown path, is an encouragement in these
extraordinary times.

Anne Boyd

Editor Anne Boyd. Photo: Julian Meehan, Voices Over 55 exhibition 2019.