December 2018 Editorial

Sharing the Joy

Welcome to the final issue of Gully News for 2018.

We hope our headline ‘sharing the joy’ sums up the season ahead: end-of-year fairs and parties, the days of Christmas and holiday time in January.

Christmas has always been a time for giving; Sharing the Joy is also the name of a local food support campaign. And this paper is full of other stories of the the joy of giving.

But Sharing the Joy is more than a summary of events.

Salvation Army Captain Sean Attard puts a finger on this when he reflects on listing
events in a church bulletin and asks ‘Is this what it is all about? What do we know of what is really happening?’

Has he come to see that sharing the joy is essentially sharing ourselves? He wonders could
he just list the names of the people. A newspaper team could also ask themselves the same question. Why are we doing this? And come up with a similar answer. It is people themselves that really count.

So as diaries fill up, give a thought for the people, those taking part and those who set up the frameworks, and manage the events, so that we can be who we want to be, a strong and flourishing community.

Thank you to everyone for sending in so many stories. Thanks to all who produce and deliver our paper.

Congratulations to the new mayor of Knox. Jake, we are pleased to have a Dobson Ward Councillor in the Chair – you have big shoes to fill.

We wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Anne Boyd, Editor