August 2021 Editorial

Editor Anne Boyd. Photo: Julian Meehan, Voices Over 55 Exhibition 2019.

How many times have you walked or driven past the mural in Forest Road (front page) seeing it only as a cheerful way to fill a blank wall?

As with so much else, pandemic and lockdown force us to look more closely at our surroundings; and to think more deeply.

No doubt the creators of the mural were aware of the metaphor of the dance as suitable for a cemetery corner. They probably also knew of the Nicolas Poussin 1634 painting with its aged musician, Father Time, playing at the right edge of the scene. The 1951-75 Anthony Powell novels and 1990s TV series with the same name may also have come to mind.

The Dance of Time, the Rhythm of Life, the Art of Living – these metaphors of hope are all around if we take the time to see. And the forthcoming Art Trail in the Village will no doubt be a Feast for the Eyes. Take the time to visit, to walk and gaze, perhaps also to purchase and later take home, the art displayed.

Thank you to all our writers who have sent in more than usually thoughtful, and sometimes controversial, contributions:

  • of times past and present, tracing the pioneer Dinsdale family; the woodworkers crafting of the antique rocking horse; reviving the FTG Tennis Club; comings and goings in the Village, farewelling Joe Accary and welcoming Kat and Declan
  • of recent events and CFA volunteers cleaning up after the storms
  • of the problems of finding a home, whether it be urgently, for low-income renters, or new post-storm boxes for possums, or longer term advice for home loan applicants, and what is
    perhaps the longest plan of all, to recreate a whole creek fit once again for frogs and yabbies

There are even invitations to dance if you look carefully. So turn on the music and turn the pages to join in Ferntree Gully News’s dance to the music of time.

Anne Boyd