April 2019 Editorial

In this month of remembrances our thoughts and prayers are especially with the people of
Christchurch NZ , and with people of Muslim faith and all faiths, in the wake of terrible shootings at the Christchurch mosque.

At the March meeting of Knox City Council, Mayor Jake Keogh led a minute’s silence. He and other Councillors also expressed their concern and sympathy for members of the Isomer Mosque in Lysterfield. They renewed commitment to being a multi-faith city. (Note the public tours to places of worship and Peggy Spencer’s account on page 22.)

Such concern is not just for places of worship but for all the public places where people gather.

We strengthen community by building a sense of shared life across differences and boundaries. There is much discussion about how we do this, as our civic institutions struggle in a rapidly changing world, but less about where we do it. Places are important.
We cherish the physicality of public buildings as shelters wherein we may find the trust to build the bonds of affection essential for our flourishing.

Community newspapers exist to promote awareness of these possibilities and Gully News is full of suggestions. Make the most of them.

We thank all those who have contributed to this issue (more submissions than ever before), all our wonderful volunteers and our advertisers. Please support their businesses. The paper depends on them and we could do with more to keep up with costs of an expanding newspaper.

Anne Boyd, Editor