June 2018 Editorial

Hands on and handing on

Welcome to the winter edition of Ferntree Gully News.

Barbara Oehring’s cover photo prompts reflection on hands.

‘Hands on’ says ‘engagement’, being in ‘the thick of things’. There’s a principle of politics that goes: if anything is happening that concerns you – be there in the flesh; don’t be absent.

This edition of your newspaper is full of such presences: at ANZAC services, at the Sorry Day flag raising; at Kangaree, at the sports and social clubs. These are where we put our hands up to be part of the community.

But there is also ‘handing on’. Aboriginal artist Cassie Leatham is handing on, sharing, her skills with the school children (page 15). At the Upper Ferntree Gully Football Club, four generations of the Callahan family, over 70 years have been handing on their love of the game (page 10).

Perhaps best of all is the story of the hands-up joy of the Bocce Special Olympics team (page 11). Congratulations to them and to their coach Michael Migliaccio who over the years has supported many community activities in our area.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the news, and to the Gully News production team, the walkers, advertisers and friends.

Anne Boyd, Editor