February 2019 Editorial

Welcome to 2019 and to our tenth year of publishing Ferntree Gully News.

Of course, this is a small anniversary compared to others this year:

  • 45th for Mountain District Learning Centre
  • 75th for the Ferntree Gully Arts Society
  • 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • 80 since the outbreak of World War Two! (Let’s keep a sense of proportion.)

As Phyllida Rose says in her review of our recently published anthology, ‘this paper is now
hitting its straps’. While the core of the paper is the news from community groups, more and more readers are sending stories, poems and pictures. Are they recognising in the newspaper the possibilities for a rich mosaic reflecting a diverse community?

So please keep sending in your contributions. And keep supporting our advertisers. Nearly all are small local businesses, struggling like the rest of us to cope with rapid change.

Ferntree Gully’s four shopping strips are important public spaces, places where people meet and enjoy, just as much as in the parks and sports grounds. We want them to flourish.

Another theme emerging lately is the increase in community groups providing regular free meals to the public. This is both an ominous sign of problems to be addressed across the country and an opportunity for local response. Read about the various groups looking for volunteers and gifts of food.

Congratulations to winners and nominees in the Knox Australia Day Awards and to all the young recipients of Aston, Endeavour and Rotary Awards. Their generosity and skills are

Anne Boyd, Editor