February 2020 Editorial


This issue was edited by Beverley Mills

A new issue in the new year, with the icon of an old favourite featured on the cover. The bush complements the newest addition to the Puffing Billy family, a restored Garratt engine from South Africa.

The Garratt has travelled many miles and so too have bushfire volunteers, coming from across the world, supporting our Australian teams and endeavouring to save lives and the diverse life of communities and habitats across the nation. In the September 2009 editorial of the Ferntree Gully News, editor Anne Boyd commented that, ‘Those that deal with international disasters report that places with strong community links survive better in an emergency. And an important element in strengthening community is a volunteer newspaper where people can share the good news stories and initiatives that make Ferntree Gully a safe and beautiful place to be.’

Each Puffing Billy engine has its distinctive whistle, an air voice.

In this issue, the Eastern Radio article celebrates musical voices and the Hut Gallery encourages young artists to use their visual voices by submitting works in the Young@Art and Street Art exhibitions. The Gallery also offers after school art classes. ‘Voices for over 55s’, an exhibition from the Knox Bright Ideas seniors network, celebrates the older members of our community, retirees who continue to contribute in many ways, showing the worth of what they have to say by doing.

Please keep sending in your contributions. And keep supporting our advertisers. Nearly all are small local businesses, struggling like the rest of us to cope with rapid change.

Congratulations to winners and nominees in the Knox Australia Day Awards, and to all the young recipients of Aston, Endeavour and Rotary Awards. Their generosity and skills are inspiring.

Beverley Mills