Mullets for Mental Health

Students from MDLC (Mountain District Learning Centre)’s Foundation VCAL Class (Jack, Dylan and Adrian) are volunteering to grow mullets for mental health.

The class is working with the Black Dog Institute to help raise funds for mental health research, and aim to raise $500.

Cymone, their teacher, has pledged that if they reach their donation goal she will also cut her hair into a mullet, until then she will continue growing it in preparation.

1 in 5 people will experience symptoms of mental illness at some point in their life. In Australia that is around 5 million people, around 60% of those people won’t seek professional help/advice that is needed for them. Mental health is not talked about enough, which is why as a class MDLC’s Foundation VCAL class are supporting the Mullets for Mental Health fundraiser.

You can donate at the website here.

During the fundraiser the MDLC Foundation VCAL class will also be posing ISO Survival ideas (things to keep us busy in isolation) on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Stay tuned.

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