Celebrating the Scouts

On Sunday 23 February, 70 or more Cubs, aged between 7 and 10 years of age, and Cub Leaders came together at Kilsyth Centenary Pool to celebrate Lord Robert Baden Powell’s (BP) birthday on the water. BP, the founder of scouting, was born in England on 22 February 1857.

As a consequence of his experiences in the British Army, serving in India and Africa, BP wrote a series of books that captivated a generation of boys. In 1907, BP held the very first Scout camp at Brownsea Island … and thus Scouting began.

This morning’s event involved ‘round robin’ activity bases in the outdoor area. Cubs, in teams of six, brandished creative team names like Terminator, Boronia Barracudas, and Glazed Donuts. Up for grabs was the round robin trophy! Teams were able to earn points for sportsmanship, team work and race placing.

The Cubs rotated through three bases twice. Base 1 taught water safety, the buddy system and water rescues. Base 2 featured water relay races, including coloured ball relay, ‘rob the nest,’ boogie board relay and lots more. Base 3 ran land relay races. For example, the Cubs had to run with a cup of water which had holes in it, and try to fill up a bucket in a relay formation. In another race the Cubs had to land wet sponges into a bucket. Much laughter could be heard! The Cubs were constantly watching out for the leaders who were ‘armed’
with water pistols!

Congratulations go to 4th Knox Cub Pack on winning the ‘round robin trophy!’

Local Scout groups include 4th Knox, 8th Knox and 1st Ferntree Gully. Come and try three nights for free and join in the fun! Scouting is for youth from age 6 to 26 years. After 26 lots of fun is to be had by becoming a leader.

If you are interested in trying Scouting go to the Vic Scouts website.

Nicole Klep
District Leader Cub Scouts

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