Monash Freeway upgrades set to start

Message from Alan Tudge MP, Aston

Big upgrades will begin this month on the Monash Freeway. The upgrades, including extra lanes, will ease congestion and cut travel time for the thousands of Knox locals who use the freeway every day.

The most important improvements for Knox residents will be extra lanes between Warrigal Road and Eastlink outbound and extra lanes between Eastlink and Springvale Road inbound. These are heavily congested parts of the road that many of you would travel on every day.

Because of the importance of these upgrades for commuters from the east and south east of Melbourne, last year I announced with the Prime Minister that the Federal Government would provide $184 million of extra funding to get this project started sooner. This means the project is now scheduled to be finished in 2022 and will create 1,000 jobs in the process.

I know the length of time to build these projects can be frustrating, it certainly frustrates me too, but disruptions from this roadwork should be minimal. Overnight lane closures are expected throughout the construction but the freeway will remain fully open during peak times. I will continue to keep you updated on the project as it progresses.

Next on my agenda is the Dorset Road extension and duplication of Napoleon Roads. We have money locked into the federal budget for this and I am negotiating with the state transport minister over the implementation schedule. This is a big project – $130
million all up. I will keep you informed about this one as it progresses, as I know that it is important to many of you. (More on the Dorset Rd extension here).

As usual I will keep you updated on all our local projects through Facebook, email and letterbox. Thanks for your patience and support as we get this project and other local projects done.

Alan Tudge MP

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