Supporting our local cafes after lockdown

Message from Nick Wakeling MP

Nick Wakeling MP at Salte Cafe in Alpine St, Ferntree Gully. Salte has received enormous support from locals in the Best Local Cafe competition.

For the better part of two years, many local small businesses have struggled under the weight of lockdowns and other Covid-19 restrictions. Even while some small businesses, such as local cafés, have been able to operate in a limited capacity, this has been a real struggle for them.

The truth is that even though these businesses have been able to operate, they have often not been able to do this in a financially sustainable manner. In fact, many of these local cafés have continued to operate even though their operating costs loom large, often necessitating financial sacrifices few of us would face.

They have done this not only in the interest of keeping their businesses alive, but to offer their community and all of us some outlet, a place to go and interact with others during the times of Covid-19 restrictions.

I, like many, know how important a friendly face and a chat with my local barista has been during these challenging times. For these reasons I want to support and celebrate these local businesses and to offer some means for us, as a community, to show our thanks and appreciation. Beyond this, I also want to shine a light on the fantastic coffee and food that is on offer locally.

This is the genesis of the Best Local Café competition, which is now in full swing across Knox. It has been heartening to see how supportive locals have been of their local cafés. Each vote is inscribed with not only praise of the quality of the food, coffee and service on offer, but also of the care and concern of café owners and staff.

I encourage everyone to look around in their local cafés for the participating flyer and to show their support by using the QR code to vote for their local café. Locals can otherwise vote for their favourite local café here. The voting closes at the end of November.

Nick Wakeling MP

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