Revitalising our community spaces

The historic Millers Homestead in Boronia. Image from Knox Council.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we look towards new beginnings – especially having emerged from what was hopefully our final lockdown.

After having to connect from afar for so long, coming together as a community has never been more important – and our community spaces are set to play a big part in this. Over the last little while, there have been some exciting announcements about revitalising some of our favourite spaces where we can gather and share ideas once more…

New era for Millers Homestead

The much-loved Millers Homestead in Boronia is set to be taken over by Eastern Regional Libraries for a trial 12 month tenancy.

Under ERL’s plans, Miller’s Homestead will be a place for people to gather – full of ‘exhibitions, community and cultural events, arts partnerships, children’s programs, creative writing and literature events, heritage literature collections, genealogy services, and gardening and sustainability activities.’

On 11th October, Knox Council’s Strategic Planning Committee voted to accept Eastern Regional Libraries’ proposal for the homestead. The decision has been welcomed by the community and marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Councillor Jude Dwight for Chandler Ward commented, ‘ERL is well-positioned to make the most of this amazing opportunity as our community longs for a return to some kind of normal.’

Mayor Lisa Cooper said, ‘Miller’s Homestead is a much-loved feature of Boronia’s history and we know it holds great significance for our community. Eastern Regional Libraries will help activate this space so people of all ages can discover and enjoy fantastic programs in a beautiful and historic setting.’

You can read more about the homestead’s history here. Stay tuned!

Meg Hellyer

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