Celebrating Biodiversity Month in Knox

Message from Councillor Susan Laukens

Biodiversity Month is celebrated every September and promotes the importance of connecting with nature, caring for nature in all its diversity – its biodiversity!

Nature is valuable and we need nature. It provides the building blocks for survival, such as food, clean air, water and shelter. Nature also supports health and wellbeing, and the economy. And while we need nature, nature also needs us.

Australia is one of a group of only 17 ‘mega-diverse’ countries. These mega-diverse countries cover less than 10% of the world’s area but have more than 70% of its biodiversity. Many of our plants, animals and places are unique and are not found anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately we have 45 documented threatened species in Knox. Read more about biodiversity here.

The greatest threat to flora and fauna is habitat loss. We all need to be a part of the solution and the fight against habitat loss and the protection of our precious animals. Join a local group such as Knox Environmental Society or sign up to Gardens 4 Wildlife.

What are Fluker posts?

Do you like taking photos with your phone?

Do you walk across the Henderson Road Footbridge? Or into the The Quarry? Or the Colchester Reserve Wetland? If so, have you seen the Fluker Posts and ever wondered what they are for?

Fluker posts are real wooden posts set in parks and reserves. They act as photo points installed at biodiversity hotspots. They are part of a communit long term community science project enabling walkers to capture a photo of what they see and upload it via the  Fluker app. Download the app today and take part in this excellent project.

And don’t forget to let me know what matters to you.

Councillor Susan Laukens

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