Tribute to a remarkable, resilient community

Message from Nick Wakeling MP.

In recent times, there is no question it has been tough for many throughout Knox. For two weeks or longer, businesses were shut leaving many business owners and employees in financial hardship. Students and their parents were forced to learn and work from home. Local sporting clubs, gyms, dance and fitness studios, local swimming pools (the list goes on) were also shut, leaving many without an outlet for their talents and mental and physical health. 

Added to all of this, severe weather events heavily impacted many in our community, cutting them off essential utilities for prolonged periods and leaving many with property damage. 

Above all, however, the loss of community felt throughout this time hit hardest. This loss was felt by those unable to see their friends and family, to celebrate a wedding with others, to mourn with others, to worship with others, to be with their teammates or their fellow students (again, sadly, the list goes on). 

Yet throughout these recent difficulties, as crushing as they were in the wake of previous restrictions, the resilience of our Knox community was on full display. There are countless examples of this: 

  • During the recent severe weather events, our emergency service workers and volunteers were out there in dangerous conditions answering our calls for help and aiding others in neighbouring areas. 
  • Community volunteers kept on providing vital support to those in need. 
  • Local businesses adapted to restrictions where possible, and their loyal customers came to their support. 
  • Religious groups also adapted and continued to worship together. 
  • Environmental groups kept up their advocacy for our green spaces, wildlife, and native flora. 
  • Local sporting clubs kept engaging with their members as many did throughout last year. 

The list is truly endless.

Everyone will have an opinion about the necessity of the measures that were imposed, and that is a good thing in a democracy. But what we can all agree upon and pay tribute to is the amazing community we have here in Knox. 

Nick Wakeling MP
Member for Ferntree Gully

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