Knox Council announces further closures amid coronavirus

On 19th March Knox Council announced the closure of the Civic Centre Customer Counter as well as Arts, Sports and Leisure Centres. Libraries are also closed.

Mayor Nicole Seymour said the closures would be in effect until further notice.

‘This decision was not taken lightly but evidence overwhelmingly supports a proactive approach,’ said Mayor Seymour. ‘We are monitoring the situation and taking any necessary actions based on DHHS advice and risk assessments.’

Council is working to keep local groups informed and assist in communicating with members and participants. In many cases, these organisations have already cancelled activities or events held at the closing facilities. Mayor Seymour emphasised the importance of community support and unity at this time.

‘We acknowledge that this may be an inconvenience for some residents and that some requests may experience longer than usual wait times. We appreciate the community’s patience as we work through this evolving situation and focus on prioritising continued
delivery of essential services as well as ongoing support for the most vulnerable in our city,’ Mayor Seymour said.

Council has implemented work-from-home arrangements where possible across the organisation, to reduce non-essential social contact amongst staff and between Council staff and the community.

Live streaming of public Council meetings was due to begin on 30 March.

Check the website for this and for continuing updates.

Message from the Mayor of Knox – Cr Nicole Seymour

As I contemplate the month past and look forward to the weeks and months ahead, there is much to share with you from the Mayoral desk.

There is no shying away from the challenges our community have shouldered over recent months. As if the bushfires were not crippling enough, the Corona Virus is really testing our resilience.

Rest assured, Council is well positioned to manage any immediate impacts within Knox, especially for those groups identified as being the most vulnerable. Council’s Emergency Management Team are in regular contact with the Department of Health and Human Services and we are well positioned to enact our pandemic plan.

Knox is a healthy community

We live in a region that has excellent air quality (the outer east is often referred to as the lungs of Melbourne) and we have ready access to fresh drinking water. Our neighbourhoods are characterised by well-treed open spaces, a natural filter.

By maintaining one’s personal hygiene by thoroughly washing hands, being sensible when it comes to managing coughs, runny noses and sneezing, and avoiding putting yourself in situations where the risk of exposure to the virus is high (referred to as ‘social distancing’) then you should be able to see this through.

No need to panic buy either

Be practical and resourceful – for example: if there’s no toilet paper, it’s not the end of the world – someone will have a roll or two to spare or, if worst comes to worst, do as they did generations ago and use a cloth that can be washed.

I also encourage people to be kind and considerate during this time where fear is being
recklessly encouraged, especially if you know of older vulnerable residents living in your street. They may not have the same resources as you and could do with a helping hand in times like this.

Finally, if you experience any symptoms, please take it seriously. Stay home and
call 1800 675 398 for advice. You can also source up to date information at the DHHS website.

I am hopeful that we will work through the immediate health and economic challenges we face by rallying together as a community.

We are strong. We are resilient. We are Knox.

Cr Nicole Symour, Mayor of Knox

Phone: 0427 245 834
Facebook: @CrNicoleSeymour

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