An even better place to be

An even better place to be

The Streetscape consultation process on refurbishing the popular Mountain Gate Shopping Centre has now moved into another phase. The many suggestions made to Knox Council after the first meetings have been sorted and are now being prioritised.

The earlier comments fell into four main concerns for improving:

  • the look of the centre
  • safety
  • the visitor experience
  • the range of shops and clientele

In each category there were further choices. For instance under community safety, always a common concern, things mentioned were:

  • better lighting
  • improved pedestrian pavements
  • reduced speed limits
  • good disability access
  • a dedicated transport hub with covered bus stop and clear pedestrian pathways.

Obviously there is a budget and some hard choices will have to be made.

If you missed a chance to comment you could still email A final plan will be displayed for comment in September 2013.

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