New mountain vistas for the Village

Demise of the panel beater shopAt long last the dilapidated buildings that were such an eyesore in the Village have been demolished. It all happened so quickly in a few days in July. Bronte Schofield, of Fresh Pantry (the shop opposite), photographed every stage.

In response to many complaints from shoppers and much lobbying by the Lower Gully Traders Association, as well as effective action by Dobson Ward Councillor and Mayor Karin Orpen, the owners of the buildings have been persuaded to act. What will come next we do not know.

The house belonged to Bently’s who had the timber yard, the original business on the site. Then the business passed to Buchanans, who sold it to Ted Dey. Later Ted sold it all to the Falbo family, the present landowners.

In the 60s, a ‘modern’ shopfront was built on to the Alpine Street front of the house and the dwelling became storage for second-hand furniture. Few people realised the original house was still standing until demolition began and watchers caught glimpses on camera.

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