A Message of Thanks from Presti Nursery

By Teresa Cannon

After 54 years of giving exceptional service to their customers, the Presti Nursery closed on 23 December 2022.

After her husband’s death in December 2021, Mrs Presti continued running the nursery with the help and support of her family. In the final days before the closing, Mrs Presti reminisced about the many years, the many customers and the many good times she and her husband had shared in running the nursery. ‘People used to come to the nursery to buy plants,’ she said. ‘Now they come to cry for me.’

During their 54 years of operation, the Prestis saw three generations of people who came to purchase their plants and receive their helpful advice. ‘That’s how long I was serving people,’ said Mrs Presti.

Recently a woman in her fifties visited the nursery. It wasn’t her first time. ‘She first came as a tiny girl with her family. She used to skip and dance along the walkways between the plants.’ Mrs Presti remembered her well. The woman remembered how Mr Presti would always give her a flower.

Whether she was organising the plants, serving a customer or undertaking all the necessary tasks to operate the nursery, Mrs Presti always took a levelheaded approach to life. And, as the time came closer to the nursery’s closing her resolve was clear, ‘This is life. I have to get used to it. I need to retire,’ she said.

The nursery might be closed, but Mrs Presti won’t stop tending plants. She’ll care for her own vegetable garden at home. But more important than anything for Mrs Presti was the message she wanted to convey to her customers. ‘I want to thank them so much for the many years of loyal support.’

And as our gardens flourish with plants acquired from the Presti Nursery, it’s a special thanks and best wishes to Mrs Presti and her family.

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