Violet joins Eastern Ranges School

Eastern Ranges School is very excited to have a new addition joining their therapy team, Violet the therapy dog! Violet will work alongside her handler Alysha, one of the occupational therapists at Eastern Ranges School.

Violet is an almost two year old black Labrador who loves chasing balls, performing tricks for carrot treats and playing tug of war. She also doesn’t mind some quiet time lying her head on laps to get pats and cuddles.

Violet will be an integral part of the school supporting a wide range of learning, including occupational therapy run programs.  This will include the play program; as a play partner in vets, tea parties and birthday parties. Violet will also support gross motor skills programs through throwing and catching activities and modelling how to complete obstacle courses.

Students will be able to work towards spending time with Violet, through banking their School Wide Positive Behaviour tokens. Violet will also support some students to regulate their emotions to help them get back to a space where they are able to learn.

We can’t wait to see how Violet motivates students to participate in their learning!

Alysha Somers

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