Renewing the Hut Gallery

After seventy-five years, the hessian-covered old Canite board that comprised the inner walls of the Hut Gallery, the home of the Ferntree Gully Arts Society, have been pulled down and sent to their fate at the local tip.

In ‘normal’ times, this would have been a great event, attended by many willing hands, but as this was not to be, there were just two people who tackled the task.

Behind the multiple layers of paint and board, were revealed a spaghetti-like mess of wiring, a couple of original window and door openings, and a lot of cobwebs.

As you can see in the pictures, there is a concrete section that runs around the bottom of the wall – this was installed to give the building some extra height when the old army hut was transported from Darnley near Ballarat many years ago.

The Hut was also home to several groups including the FTG Film Society and you can see the window for the projector next to the double doors, now covered over with smooth new plaster.

So onto the painting… when we can get out and about.

Shirley Dougan
President, FTG Arts Society

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