Knox says no to family violence

Knox Council has adopted a Family Violence Statement of Commitment, sending a strong message of its ongoing focus on reducing family violence in the community.

At their April meeting, the Council re-affirmed their commitment to preventing family violence.

This reaffirmation of Council’s commitment is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, with concerns that self-isolation and lockdown measures may create high-risk situations for those experiencing family violence.

Knox has consistently recorded a higher rate of family incidents than the Eastern Metropolitan Region and the prevention of family violence has been identified by Council as a key priority.

Council has a long-standing history of working with Government and community agencies to prevent family violence in our community through advocacy, capacity building and leadership. In adopting the Statement of Commitment, Council also approved the inclusion of new and continuing family violence prevention initiatives in the new Council Plan and Community Plan (2021 – 2025).

These activities include strategies such as leading and partnering with community groups to deliver prevention initiatives; advocating to other levels of government on issues such as awareness raising, behavioural change programs, and planning controls; and working with direct service providers to stay informed of the local situation.

Knox City Council Mayor, Cr Nicole Seymour says, ‘It is crucial to us as a Council and a community that every person in Knox has the right to safe and respectful relationships and to live free from violence.

‘Every member of our community has a responsibility to prevent family violence and develop a culture of respect and equality, and Council is in a critical position to be a leader in driving and supporting this change.’

For more information, and a list of local resources, please visit the Knox Council website.

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