Tinkers: The gift of time

Memories, whether they are fond or otherwise, play such an important role in our lives. They give us a sense of who we are, what we have become and why. These memories carry on to our children, our grandchildren and so on, for as long as we continue to appreciate stories told from the past. Old black and white photos, a little gold locket from great grandma or great grandad’s pocket watch, they all mean so much to us when we
can tell the story connected to them.

Since 1988, Alex at Tinkers in Mountain Gate has taken great pride in maintaining and restoring such pieces. He recalls a very touching tale, one he often enjoys sharing with his customers.

For many years, one particular elderly lady would often bring in her family treasures for repairs or a simple clean. On the odd occasion she would bring in her favourite, a mantel clock. Most of the time, it would need only a minor adjustment or a simple repair, which Alex would often gladly do for little or no charge.

Sadly, there came a time where little adjustments would no longer keep the clock’s heart beating. It required a major restoration. Explaining that she couldn’t afford to carry out the repairs, the lady went on to share a very touching story. When she was a young girl in England during World War II, her family home was devastated by a German air raid. Consequently she was trapped in the rubble, and by her side was this very special clock. It had fallen off the mantelpiece and lay there beside her until her rescue.

A few days after her visit to Tinkers, she once again returned with that very same clock.

She explained that no one in her family appreciated the clock or the story behind her sentimental attachment to it. She insisted on gifting it to Alex, as he had always enjoyed her visits, playing a part in keeping the clock alive. Alex at first refused but later gratefully accepted on one condition: the clock would be fully restored and proudly on display at Tinkers for all to see and enjoy.

To this day, the elderly lady still pops in from time to time and lights up like the young girl from England, when she sees her old friend.

So, next time you are near Mountain Gate, pop into Tinkers to see the clock on display and share your special story.

You’ll find Tinkers at Shop 59 Mountain Gate, next to the Commonwealth Bank. You can also visit them online at www.tinkers.com.au, or phone 9758 8436.

Anne Margot Boyd

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