New directions for Mountain District Learning Centre

The main focus for this year is to have MDLC registered as a school for 2020, resulting in changes to the way in which their education programs are nuanced. It is hoped this will bring a level of stability and predictability to income streams that is currently lacking.

Chair of Directors, Chris Markwick, enlarged on the decision in recent reports to the Board and to Members of the Mountain District Women’s Co-operative.

‘There is a great deal of preparation and paper work involved in bringing this about. Decisions must be made on the name of the school and the composition of a board to administer its operations.

‘Site development continues to loom large and we expect to have news on this front later in the year. In light of our impending school registration this development will be vital to its success.

‘We are also communicating with the Uniting Church regarding security of our tenure of use of their site over the long term. The buildings on the church site house a significant part of our operations and programs.

‘Finally, we are prioritising the development of a framework to attract funding through lobbying with our local council, philanthropic groups and state and federal parliamentary representatives.

‘This will provide MDLC with a level of financial security that will enable us to further develop our facilities and programs.’

You can find out more about the MDLC by visiting their website.

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