Vale Cr David Cooper

david cooper

‘The whole community has lost a tireless advocate, leader and friend,’ said Mayor Cr Peter Lockwood, when announcing the passing of the former Mayor and Councillor of Scott Ward on 15 January.

‘As a friend and colleague,’ he said, ‘I had the privilege of serving alongside a man I consider one of the most passionate and caring community leaders I have ever met.’

Cr Cooper was well known for championing the needs of people with disabilities or facing disadvantage. He pushed for stronger public transport, better sporting facilities and creating opportunities for young people.

Cr Cooper was elected to Knox Council in 2004 and served continuously until his passing in 2015. He was Mayor for two terms: 2005-06 and 2008-09.

Cr Cooper served on several committees covering issues, including healthy ageing, economic development, sporting stadiums, performing arts, waste management, Australia Day awards, public transport, disabilities and the Multicultural Advisory Committee. He played key roles in a number of local initiatives, including Knox Gardens and Walker Reserves, the Knox WarmWater Pool and the new State Basketball Centre.

He will be sadly missed.

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