Draft Structure Plan for Ferntree Gully Village

Station StreetAn Update

At a meeting on 10th June the Council approved a Final Draft which now awaits approval by the Minister for Planning.

Another stage in the approval of the Plan has been reached with the publication of the Planning Panel’s Report.

The Panel supports the height reduction of buildings to a 8m limit, and supports the primacy given to the landscape significance of the Dandenong Foothills over the need for urban consolidation.

The Panel approved the changes to the Amendment made by the Council on 28 January 2014 recognising and supporting the views expressed by the community in their responses.

The full report can be read here.

About the Structure Plan

The Draft Structure Plan for Ferntree Gully Village sets out the Community’s and Council’s aspirations for the future of the village.

The Draft Structure Plan provides clear direction about the future development opportunities, land use changes, economic opportunities, urban and built form, public spaces, connectivity and access (including cycling and pedestrian routes) integrated transport and parking and community infrastructure.

The Draft Structure Plan contains a broad range of actions that aim to assist with achieving the desired future for Ferntree Gully Village. The responsibility for advancing these actions lies with a range of parties, such as Federal and State Government authorities, Council and the local community.

In order to achieve some aspects of the Structure Plan, some changes to the Knox Planning Scheme are required. The proposed changes are referred to as Amendment C129.

It is crucial to respond to the specifics of Amendment C129.

Because the documentation is complex, The Mountain District Learning Centre (MDLC) has been hosting community study and debate on the Draft Structure Plan.

Although the cut-off date for submissions was on 9 December, you can still respond to the Plans and have your say here at the Gully News website- please send contributions to gullynews@gmail.com.

Here you can read responses from the Lower Gully Traders Association, and Ferntree Gully Community Group.

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