Song of the local supports the global

Cabaret at The Hut

Teresa Cannon

Photo by Barbara Oehring

Photo by Barbara Oehring

On 26 July, 70 people sat spellbound at The Hut as they witnessed the magical talent of well-known and much loved artists, Judi Connelli, Suzanne Johnston and Peter Hurley in a cabaret concert. The performance of the three local and internationally acclaimed artists perfectly combined sophistication and humour with the profound and the poignant. Many said it was an experience they would never forget.

The evening, organised by six locals affectionately known as the ‘Gully Group’, was a fundraiser for charities in India. This was the fourth fundraiser organised by the group. And like so many events in the Gully it was a community affair with many Gully groups and individuals assisting with organisation, catering, donations and support. The $3000 raised will assist two organisations, Prabhat Alloi in West Bengal and Learning and Ideas for Tibet (LIT) in Northern India. Both organisations work to provide their communities with health care and education, so alleviating the difficulties caused by poverty and illiteracy.

For those who would like to see the performers, or see them again, they’ll be singing for wildlife in another fundraiser at 7pm on 4 October at Belgrave. Further information and tickets here.

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